Reader’s Response Blog #5

I chose Scrutiny as one of the 8 “Norms” that Tapscott wrote about.  His version and definition of scrutiny hinged largely on the younger Gen Netters scrutinizing information and being less trusting because they have a more broad sense of the world than his generation does.  Our generation is able to get information at the drop of a hat and can usually find out if something is real or fake instantly.  He used an example of him attempting to play a joke on his employees on April Fools Day.  He had his assistant send out an email that said he would be working with Angelina Jolie and that she wanted to meet his staff.  He also stated that she would attend a cocktail party that said staff was invited to.  None of his young employees took this information as serious yet the older employees fell for it.  I’m not sure if this is the best example as this was sent on April Fools and if an employee isn’t sharp enough to figure out that that is a joke then it may be time to put them out to pasture.  He then goes on to use Orson Welles “War of the Worlds” as an example saying that it most likely wouldn’t have the same effect on the public today largely due to the internet and the younger generations skepticism. I would have to agree with this many times over.  Something like “War of the Worlds” wouldn’t be able to happen today because we have way too much going on to let that get by and the internet would stop it dead in it’s tracks.  I’m sure there would be a few people who would believe it but not the mass following that believed the original.  I think Tapscott makes a very valid point and I have to group myself in with that and admit that I am pretty skeptical of everything.  I was raised to question everything and work to find my own answers and make sure that they are fact.  I also enjoy a broad range of reading materials so that I have some knowledge in most areas which helps me gather at least some Idea of what things may be real or not.  I think this generation is better off scrutinizing things.  It helps keep most information pure and can limit the amount of false information that spreads as the gospel.

1 thought on “Reader’s Response Blog #5

  1. mpete75

    I have to say that I am also one who loves to gather information and knowledge just for the sake of it. I would not describe myself as skeptical, but I will say that whenever I come across information I find to be a little questionable, or even just interesting, I find myself heavily researching it until I find the truth. I totally agree that it is a good thing to scrutinize information sometimes and also feel that it will help us to become a better informed society. A society or generation who does not scrutinize will run itself into the ground by always following the crowd and being gullible. However, refuting or trying to disprove every single thing you come across will not help you in the long run either.


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