Reader Response #8

After reading through the Act Up project I immediately saw how it contradicted the views of most of the authors we read this semester. Something that started as grass roots spread through word of mouth and getting people together to do something to help the situation with HIV turned into something even bigger.  It’s tough for something to spread like this without the help of modern technology. HIV and Aids has negatively affected so many lives and its great that they were able to start something that could raise awareness in a positive way without violence.  Technology has helped them progress through the years and reach even more people than they ever could without it.  It’s important that we as a society continue to progress and use what we have to the best of our abilities in a positive way. You may not have a ton of money or followers behind you but if you have an opinion and the will to fight for something technology will give you a voice for it and help you reach the people you need to.

3 thoughts on “Reader Response #8

  1. Katie Ley

    I agree that this challenges what these authors are saying. Postman and Hedges seem to say that technology is making us dumb and lazy. That does occur, but technology has brought us the ability to spread the word SO much faster than anything else. That statement also challenges Berry when he says that computers offer nothing beneficial above a typewriter.

  2. Shelby Stetzer

    I also agree that it is very different from what we have read. You are right in saying that it spreads word so much faster. That is so important to keep everybody in this world up to date with everything happening!

  3. M. VanSickle

    I agree 100% with you. I do not think that ACT UP could have become as substantial as it is without the uses of technology. It is so simple to push a button to trigger a domino effect, where every domino hits two more and so on. It forever multiplies.


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