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Final Reader Response

I feel like technology has changed so much from the time I was in elementary school until now. Computer use wasn’t even half of what it is today and people spent a lot more time getting their information from books or newspapers. Once I was in high school that all changed and the internet became a prevalent source of information for local and worldwide events. It started to explode and before you knew it people seemed to be living a good portion of their lives on a computer. It’s even more out of control now because with smartphones you are constantly connected to technology whether you want to or not.
I remember when I was younger and going out to eat meant you had good conversations while waiting for your food. Now a days you can’t go to a restaurant without seeing multiple tables of people on their phones sometimes not speaking to each other at all. In that aspect it has gotten out of hand a bit. Personally I love where technology is at and I love being connected and having answers for pretty much whatever I want to know at my finger tips. It makes you feel empowered and free. But when you really stop and think about it does it really free us or is the same thing we think that makes us free is really enslaving us? There is a reason people feel good when they get away on vacation to places that may not have internet or phone reception. It’s important to get away from it and disconnect every once in a while. I don’t believe we should just not use technology at all but I also think we shouldn’t let it consume us. There has to be a healthy medium we can find to be able to get the best of both worlds. Make technology work for us, not the other way around.
I’m at a weird age where I feel like I grew up in the last era that can remember how things were before certain technology and realize how much different it is today. I used to write papers for school by hand but someone who is maybe only a few years younger than me could have gone their whole life without ever doing that. This thought completely blows my mind. There are things that a younger generation won’t experience and I can’t really decide if that’s a gift or a curse. Modern technology has afforded us a lot more opportunity than it has before. There are people with jobs in other countries that they don’t have to physically be in. People work remotely and can get work done without having to go to a physical location. The world has gone from being this vast thing that was very much separated into tiny parts to now being one big living breathing thing that is all inter linked. If something happens in India we know about it instantly. It has also completely changed the way we communicate forever. You can instantly have a conversation with someone 10,000 miles away from you any time you want and for free. It’s gotten to the point where long distance has turned into a hop skip and a jump.
I like that technology has opened so many new doors for us and I think as long as we can keep technology from consuming us and running our lives we have a good chance of being able to use it for all of its positives while limiting the negative impact it can have on us. Little things like staying off your phone at a restaurant or setting aside a certain time that you leave your technology at home and get away from it all can make a big difference and help us control our usage. I’m not sure what the future holds for us but im excited to find out.